Our programmes welcome you to ski tours snow shoe tours and other  winter adventures with snowmobiles, huskies,
reindeers, snow shoes and other activities in snowy Lapland. Our summer program includes   
canoeing, hiking ,fishing and  mountain biking from Midsummer till autumn color tours. 

Northern Light Ski Tour                             

Every day we ski 5-6 hours including breaks
/ day in forest and fell areas of West Lapland Yllästunturi. We use our off track skis to find our way with
the guide and stay overnight
in wilderness huts and holiday houses. Overnightings are dormitory, sleeping bag accommodation                          

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On the Fells of Lapland – Snow shoe tour in the Land of Northern Lights

This tour takes place in West Lapland Fell areas in the National Park of Pallas-Yllästunturi and its surroundings We start in the middle of the Fell chain area on the shores of Jerisjärvi Lake next to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Every day we make tours 11- 16 km in varying woodland and fell areas. We reach the Fell tops on our way and have great wiews to the surrounding fell and lake areas (when the weather allows). We take our breaks in Lappish Teepees ( Kotas ) and modest forest and fell huts. Our overnighting places are well heated cosy cottages with sauna. The guide speaks Finnish and English, Withing international groups the main guiding language is English.



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