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Winter Adventures in Snowy Lapland

On the Fells of Lapland – Snow shoe tour in the Land of Northern Lights

This tour takes place in West Lapland Fell areas in the National Park of Pallas-Yllästunturi and its surroundings. We start in the middle of the Fell chain area on the shores of Jerisjärvi Lake next to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Every day we make tours 11- 16 km in varying woodland and fell areas. We reach the Fell tops on our way and have great wiews to the surrounding fell and lake areas (when the weather allows). We take our breaks in Lappish Teepees ( Kotas ) and modest forest and fell huts. Our overnighting places are well heated cosy cottages with sauna. The guide speaks Finnish and English, Withing international groups the main guiding language is English. Language assistance also in German and French when needed.

Sunday Arrival to Kittilä airport, transfer to the overnighting place. Dinner and introduction to the weeks program. Accommodation in rooms for 2 persons.

Monday today we make a day tour in the surrounding forest and hilly grounds. Our rute goes via Kesälaki and Mustakero and back. The day distance is 13 km. On Kesälaki lunch break at an open fire in a wooden Lappish Kota ( Teepee ). In the evening dinner and Sauna:

Tuesday In the morning we back our luggage for the transportation. Our todays ruting goes along the hilly graounds of Koivakero and Keimiöjävi. After lunchbreak we continue more along the Fell Keimiö. the day distance is 15 km. In our overnighting place sauna and dinner.

Wednesday From Keimiö we continue through the woods across the fell of Sammaltunturi taking a lunch break in Mustakero cottage ( 6 km). After the break our steps leads us to Lommoltunturi fell and finally to your overnighting place in Pallasjärvi. The day tour is 11 km mostly on the fells.

Thursday Our destination for today is Harrisaajo. The rute goes 11 km in varying forest areas. Lunchbreak at a wooden Lappish Kota.
Friday We make a day tor to the surrounding Fell areas and Rihmakuru, lunch break we make in a Leen To.

Saturday When the weather allows we make another day with a breath taking wiew from the felltops. From the Pallas Fells we go down to the information center of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. Our day distance is 13 km. Car transfer to our starting point at Jerisjärvi Lake. Dinner and overnighting.

Sunday Day of departure. After breakfast transfer to Kittilä airport. The tour back home begins.
Price: 920€/person

The price includes snow shoes, poles, warm winter boots, warm overall and hand shoes ( if needed), full board, breakfast, packed lunch, dinner,

evening and afternoon coffee / tee/ breaks at an opern fire in huts and kotas, luggage transfers from one overnighting place to anoter, overnightings in warm cottages, saunas, sleeping bags for the tour.

The guide speaks Finnish and English. Withing international groups the main guiding language is English. The tour is suitable for adults but not for the children under 16 years.

Available for groups 10 – 12 persons

Ask for the availabilities also when you are less than 10 persons. Aurora_Borealis_on_Rauhala_sky.jpg

Availabilities also on other dates for groups.

Lapland Adventures

With snow shoes, husky dogs, reindeers and snowmobiles
Sunday - Saturday

The price includes: Full board; breakfast, lunch bags / picnic lunch, Evening meal, overnighting in a holiday house in rooms for 2 persons or in smaller cottages
( after request ), the rent of the equipment; snow shoes,cross-country ski equipmet
( after request)
Snowmobile for 2 persons, helmet, overall, warm shoes and hand shoes, 50 – 60 km,
35-45 km. Husky programm witha husky tour , Entrance fee for the Snow village,
Visit to the
Nature Center of Pallas Yllästunturi National Park. Transportations as
mentionned in the program; Transportation from / to Kittilä airport;
Reindeer programrevontulet_66.jpg and a ride with the Reindear sledge. Guide services and saunas; also one
evening a visit to a Lakeside sauna .
The order of the day programs can also be different. Also a possibility to have 2 husky tour days instead of snowmobiling days, then on husky touring part in the program will be snowmobiling.

7 days/6 nights, Sunday - Saturday


Lapland week - Nature Activities

Snow activities in the winter landscape: day ;
Arrival, transfer from Kittilä airpot to overnighting place at Jerisjärvi Lake, Dinner and overnighting, introduction
into the weeks program.
2.nd day:
Snow shoe walking tour in the woods of Fell Lapland. Lunch at a Lappish Teepee ( Lapinkota)
a possibility to make some ice-fishing.
3.rd day:
Today we make a larger tour into the forests and fells. We pay a visit to the Information center of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Parks information center and learn more about the area and its special features day:
We make ourselves ready for 2 days 1 night husky touring,guided tour with overnight stay in the forest hut, sauna, dinner and
sleeping bag overnighting. Lunch at an open fire on the way. day:
The second husky touring day. the day distances are 25 - 50 km depending on the snow and weather conditions. Warm
clothing for the tour is provided day:
Today we try out cross-country skiing. We practise a bit on the lake and when our skills allows we follow the ski rute throught
the woods and hills. day:
The day of departure. After breakfast trasfer to Kittilä airport and the travel back home starts.

Minimum number of participants 6 persons for start the tour program, maximum number of paricipants 10 persons.
Price: 1050 euro/person
The price inclues:
Full board accommodation; breakfast, lunch bag/lunch at an open fire/Lappish Teepee on the way during the day, dinner,
snow shoes, poles, skis, ski shoes, poles for the activities, warm cloting for the husky touring and also for other activities if
Visit to the Pallas-Yllästunturi National Parks visitor center to see an exhibition and a slide show telling about the life of the
people in this areas as well as the special features of the Nature arround us. Guide services, sauna.
More information of the tour program and availabilities - please contact by mail : info(at)

Snow shoe tours

Experience the nature of the great white north above
the arctic circle. Phases of the moon, billions of stars
and the incredible Northern Lights by night.
The time of adventures and snow activities!

Our tours are for individuals and groups. With international
groups the main guiding language is English.

Northern Light Snow shoe tour

availability ( on 19.11.2017) 17.2. - 25.2.218 for 8 persons

The price includes: Full board, accommodation, breakfast, lunch bags made at breakfast table by oneself, dinner, the programme, guidance for 6 days, transportation for the equipment and luggage, transfer from / to Kittilä airport , saunas, snow shoes, poles and sleeping bag

The tour program the same as in Northern Light ski tour

With snow shoes - 2 days tour 1 night on the tour

1 st day: Arrival, transfer to overnighting place, dinner and overnighting in 2 persons rooms.

2 nd day: Snow shoe tour through the woods to a lake shore to the overnighting place.
Sauna, dinner and overnighting ( sleeping bag overnighting)

3 rd day: today we continue our snow shoe walking tour back to our overnighting place.
Sauna, dinner and overnighting. Lunch break at an open fire / hut.

4 the day: the day of departure, transfer to Kittilä airport.

Group size: min. 4 persons - 10 persons.

Price: .

The price includes: Full board ( breakfast, lunch bag/lunch at an open fire/ Teepee / hut
- 2 x Guest house ; accommodation in rooms for 2 - 4 persons / huts,
one overnight on the tour in a hut,
guide services, snow shoe equipment; snow shoes, poles and warm clothing
( overall) and boots when needed. Sauna.Airport transfers from and to Kittilä airport.

for more information and availabilities - pleace contact: info(at)

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